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Other Analyses (Legacy work (stopped in 2018 upon completion of DEEPEND project) -Non Real Time)
GLOBAL gom cruise

00 GMT. The real-time model execution (ensuing forecasts and outputs) was stopped on Oct 4, 2021. If can be restarted on an "as needed" basis.


The Global Operational Forecasting System (GOFS) is a general circulation numerical ocean model, based on the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM), that runs daily and produces up to 120hr forecasts. This model serves as the global forecasting system and is used for initial and boundary conditions for the Gulf of Mexico Regional Model.


Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico HYCOM-COSINE is configured at 1/50° covering the entire Gulf of Mexico. HYCOM is coupled to the Carbon Silicate Nitrogen Ecosystem (COSiNE) Model and runs in near-real-time producing output (figures) that includes previous hindcasts, up to date nowcasts and 120hr forecasts.


Other Analyses (Non Real Time)

Cruise Region

The results here are close-ups interpolated from the 1/50° HYCOM-COSINE GOM simulation. These results include cruise tracks, sampling locations, time-series analysis, and other relevant cruise related information.


Other Analyses (Non Real Time)